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    Suggestion: (Critical) possible /unstuck exploit

    I think an unstuck is a very good idea, however, it could be used to bypass a tribes defenses. You unstuck past the walls and poof, let the attack begin. This may have already been addressed, but I'm not sure.

    Recommendation: Not really sure. Maybe have a radius around a tribes area that unstuck won't work. IMO, around tribal areas will mostly be safe from tight spots. However, in the rare event this happens, a guide can help out.

    I'm not really sure how to fix this, but recommendations would be welcome.

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    My suggestions, even if this command temporary enabled:

    /unstuck command is critical thing, why make it 3 minutes cooldown? Make it 1 hour at least
    Why 5 meters ahead? Make it teleport you at game starting position OR at random position in 500 meters like

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    Absolutely exploitable. Make it teleport to game starting location just like when you die as an evil player and dont have a tribe.

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    I'd say..teleport you 50 meter in random direction, and have the check be in for built-up area...and port you away from it.

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    But, since tribe zones are safe zones anyway, why would anyone do that?

    Granted, it is exploitable and it should be adressed (my suggestion would also be a teleport to a protected starting zone)...but right now, what advantage could be gained by doing this?

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    Just make the unstuck command pick a random vector direction that does not pass through player created walls, simple.

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