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    change(significant):tribe names showing up

    should allow tribe names to show up when near a player so that we can see who is in what tribe so that people will know if they have an alliance setup or if they are from a tribe thats known to be friendly or evil

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    handy but something we learn the hard way anyway Not a (significant) tweak in my view.

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    I prefer not to know, makes me have to learn more about my enemies and those living around me, the same way you would in the real world.

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    i would perfer to see the community get creative with talioring. Color choice do affect the color of the clothing made. and I think clothing can go over armor by the way

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    Maybe the trick is as many armies before have used is the idea of a tabard or other decorative piece worn over the armor to identify what faction or in this case tribe you belong to. Until (or if) such a system come into play the previously mentioned specific armor/colored pieces could work for each tribe to ID themselves

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    Not a bad idea Blake IMO. I would love to be able to change the color of armor as in dye it. That would be cool and solve the issue. (come on Bow weapons!!)

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    I like the Tabard or dye suggestion. The dye could be more nefarious if you use it for infiltration.

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