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Thread: Life in Xsyon

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    Life in Xsyon

    Hi all. I have been playing Xsyon for five days. I like the idea behind the game and am amused on the playing styles and behaviour of the other survivors. I would think that after such a catastrophe as must have happened, people would flock together and try to help one another, as survival is easier in a group, than it is alone. As seen and experienced, this is not true for everyone. Some are roaming around searching for fun by killing others. This is perfectly legitimate, and I think this would really happen in a situation like the one in Xsyon. Due to this, you really donīt know who is to be trusted, and who not. I experienced this when I made an offer to give tools to people for free. The first reaction was that I was trying to lure them into a trap. So I realized, trust has to be earned. Going about your business is also very exciting because you never know who is going to cross your way. Many times have I checked my back whilst fishing, just to make sure no one was sneaking up to me. I think it will be really fun to see how the world of Xyson evolves in the future and what kind of social structure is built.
    On a side note: When you are ganked and robbed of all you have, then you realize that only a man without possessions is a free man
    Hope you all have fun in Xsyon and I am looking forward to meeting you all (even the mean and nasty ones).

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    Cool story and welcome to xsyon

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    Nice to hear about your early experiences, sounds like youre enjoying the world!

    Maybe some day we will cross paths

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    Yep, the game is full of exciting opportunities. The inclusion of PVP was a good choice.

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    I would hope that ppl would flock together and try to rebuild civilization, but I don't think humanity has that ability. I'm reminded of disasters like New Orleans where some people were looting (and I don't mean food) and generally trying to get what they could. Also, I'm reminded of that experiment where they released a plague in WoW to see what would happen. A lot of ppl tried to spread the plague to as many ppl as they could. It won't be any different in Xsyon. But thats what makes it fun. If everyone worked together for the benefit of humanity, we would just have a SimCity MMO.

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    I bumped into a neighbour last night..Garrik was his name.

    He noticed that i was trundling around with all my weapons/crafting tools. We had a small conversation where i introduced myself as his neighbour. he responded by kitting me out with two baskets as i didnt have the ability to make any yet. i offered him a pile of 12 bones i had picked up as a trade off.
    He then went into making sure i set the permissions on my baskets and we both went our own ways. Garrik will be watched while he is close to my camp and if he gets into any trouble i will come running..if he needs any woodcraft..again i will be glad to help.

    Humanity when faced with catostrophe brings out eh best and worse in characters. Xyson is going to bring out qualities we never knew existed in ourselves and our neighbours, be them good or evil. Some people will find they have the the skills of diplomacy, some will use the sword. What we can be sure is that we are going to see a diverse and characterful civilisation in the world of Xyson.

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