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    large tribes losing space

    since the patch today we have lost a lot of land area for tribe lands not sure if this is a bug or not but with 44members on totem and we are controlling less space than before im not sure if this is a bug or not. can anyone confirm?

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    I can confirm our 9 member tribe lost space.

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    They might have changed the radius in meters a member adds to your 'influence area'..
    It would explain the decrease.

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    Bug reports belong in the bug tracker. If you legitimately think this is a bug.

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    I think we will probably find the real tribe space system is being tested now rather than a totem just giving max space even if it has one member.

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    Not an insignificant reduction either. About 50 feet. Put another a quarter to a third size reduction. Seems a bit much when our area wasn't all that huge to begin with.

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    this is a problem because you actually want to build buildings on all that space or do you need a safe zone from horizon to horizon?

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    its actually a problem with building now we have to more our totem so that we can cover the area we want and we are losing a lot of actual building space

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    Bearing in mind the patch notes "Tribes require 5 members and require a maximum space between tribes."

    It might not be within your safezone anymore but it should still be in your maximum area and thus can not be claimed by someone else, unless they reduced the maximum but as far as I can tell the maximum seems to be huuuge as I need half a zone of distance between my homestead and nearest tribe.

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    Something significant has definitely changed, really throwing a spanner in the works with all plans made so far so layouts of the area we live in. Would like some Dev input on this.

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