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    Todays patch broke my client 2/16/2011

    gets to the last part loading entities then logs back to the login screen

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    Same here. Also, on the login screen will continue to show the message 'Loading Entities'.

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    I can't get passed the login page. I enter user ID and Password, then click login or hit enter. The page times out and gives me not responding message. I have tried several times and 2 different IDs. I also rebooted.

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    nvm...Mine is working now.

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    Same issue here. My screen freezes at loading entities. Is there a fix? I hope I figure it out before friday

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    Update February 16

    Quote Originally Posted by Xsyon View Post
    EDIT: There is one problem left over from the last build. A glitch caused scheme data to save multiple times and this is causing some players to time out during loading. The server has been fixed, however I would need to wipe the database to clear out the duplicated data. If you are getting stuck, deleting your character fixes this problem.

    The server and client have been updated.
    This is from the Xsyon Updates thread:

    You should probably reroll. Wipe is coming soon anyway.

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    Crash (not to desktop)

    Hey there, I just downloaded Xsyon for the first time today. I can get in and run around, forage a few plants, et cetera, but after a few minutes the game crashes my computer. Like, completely black screen. I am forced to do a hard reboot. This has happened now four times in a row. I've had my system monitor running in the background and I didn't peg either my CPU or my RAM before the crash. I also have visual effects dialed all the way down. Is this a known issue? Any potential workarounds? I have a Core2Quad with 2G RAM. Runnign Vista, 32-bit version. I'm using an NVidia GeForce 9800GT card, and I'm up on DirectX10.

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    Tried it in fulscreen mode, same result. Can only play for about 10 minutes at a time before my screen goes blank. I'm tihnking it isn't actually a 'crash,' technically, as I don't get a crash log afterwards, it's just a display error. Any ideas? It's getting frustrating having to reboot every 10 minutes.

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    You should send a mail to support, they usually get back to you pretty fast.

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    Sounds like a heat issue on your GPU, try forcing your graphics cards fan to 100% and see if it stops.

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