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    What features will be added prior to launch?

    Just a question really about launch. With these wipes and tweaks that have already come out this week, will there be a final last patch with new features and more tweaks?

    If there will be, do we know what some of the features/tweaks will they be?

    What do you think needs tweaking for launch (not long term tweaks/suggestions, but those that actually need to be in at the beginning.

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    Im still hoping for cobras in a basket. The ultimate way to protect your baskets O' goods.

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    I also hope for a list of What To Expect.

    It would really be nice to know if (example) cooking will be in? So we can plan.........

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    In recent conversations the dev's have simply stated there trying to get as much as they can in before launch, I dont think they even know what they will have finished at this point, its just a whats done is done scenario and keep working hard.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tommybomb View Post
    I want alligator pits and I want them NOW.

    I will demand a refund if this is not in game at launch.
    Alligator pits exploit solo player homestead dual server tribal safezones.


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    Alligators will probably die of frostbite come launch :/.

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