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    Looking for an ambitous tribe

    We all have to face the fact that without joining a tribe we are missing out on a large part of what this game is supposed to be. I'm looking for an ambitious tribe that isn't inherently evil, but doesn't mind coloring outside the lines of being good either. I'm not opposed to evil or good tribes, but I prefer neutral. Goody two shoes and evil maniacal killers both annoy me.

    I want to be part of a tribe that wants to go places in Xsyon, because that is where I want to help take them.

    In game name: Archeus

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    If you are looking for a neutral tribe:

    191st Expeditionary Battalion

    The Wolverines are a chapter of the Guild the Silver Sun Republic. You can find information at this link:

    You can also check us out at to get more info and apply for the unit.

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    maybe interresing you , look my sig...

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    Hi Archeus. Sounds like you have the same vision as the Xsyon Mercenaries. We are a Neutral tribe that likes to mix it up and have plans to be very active. Check out our forums at: and see if this is what you had in mind.

    Cya in game!


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    Your name alone would fit perfectly in our tribe Click my sig to find out why. As for our alignment, we will be good on paper, but after that, our strategies cannot be shared so openly.

    Our ambitions are of course huge, we think like Romans.

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