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    Archery - Post all info about it here

    Hey everyone,

    My biggest draw towards this game will be its Ranged combat, We already know sorcery will be in after prelude. But I think simple ranged combat like throwing weapons and Archery are still viable for early tribal weaponry.

    I have been looking for information about this but have not been able to find anything. Can anyone post any developer comments, links or anything about Archery in Xsyon?

    !!!! It needs to be Aim based and not tab target. !!!!


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    There is not even a single TAB target in this game or any other sort of easy aim. So i doubt it will come for archery. The only thing i know atm is that bows and arrows are done

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    when things like this are complete but not yet implemented into the game for all to use, they should put snips of vids up showing such in action for us to drool over a little

    im hoping though that the reason no more is done about it yet is they are revamping the whole animation system a bit as lets be honest its far from perfect If we were actually cave men I can imagine running like a special olympics guy ( no offence ) but it needs tweaking for sure Being in combat mode is my most pref, as at least when it jogs/runs about its not waving its arms and legs all over the shop

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    Ranged combat is planned to be added during Prelude, they said it will be aim based.

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    Think i read now it will be put in sometime "after" launch on friday.. when "after" is, is anyones guess

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    Quote Originally Posted by wyldmagik View Post
    Think i read now it will be put in sometime "after" launch on friday.. when "after" is, is anyones guess
    It says short after ^^ And they don't work on animations. they tried to implement everthing that you need to create the world before they looked into combat. Let's see how they do it and if its crap than i die abit inside

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    IMO combat requires a lot of love'in right now. I think they should hold off on archery until the melee combat system is improved. With the improvement of the basic combat system, then you can begin adding more advanced features such as archery.

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    Let's start by getting over the rubber banding bonanza we call combat at the moment and I'm all for it.

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