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    /unstuck concern

    Im just a little concerned about the 5m teleport that comes with /unstuck. Will this allow people to /unstuck through your walls? We've all seen this exploit many times in other games, and I would hate to see it here too. Hopefully collision still prevents you from passing through structures like walls and buildings, even while using this command.

    Some dev feedback on this would of course be appreciated.

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    I have to think this is just a bandaid slapped on a few days before release just to check off another feature on the to-do list he has. It'll definitely take some of the burden off the guides to rescue stuck ppl, but definitely should not be a permanent feature in this form. 2 meters would probably be plenty, and collision would have to be a necessity or else why build walls in the first place. Or 2 meters back and 5 meters up, for the people stuck in a hole

    At least for prelude, I won't complain about this implementation, but I have to think that this whole 'feature' will be revisited at some point once the game is up and running

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    /s is on a timer
    combat locks you out of using /s

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