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    Hi There, anything to read before I log in?

    4 of my DF clan so far with enough "faith" and money pre-ordered this game to try it out.

    is there a guide or anything I should read before I log in to make it less of a headache at the start?

    my experience with indy MMO's tells me there is usually 0 help at the start.

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    Yes, there is a manual. You can get it logging into your account here at the main site, and there you should see the download section where you can get the game client and also the game manual, which you should read. Also, you should read the sticky guides and tutorial videos from very helpfull players which can be found at the Prelude section forum In case you don't really want to search, here are the links:

    General guide about what to do once you enter the game, by willbonney -->

    Character creation guide, by willbonney -->

    Understanding the Xsyon world map, by willbonney -->

    World map and starter zones, by tredo -->

    Tutorial videos by Saintbob -->!

    Some information from Xsyon about PvP rules, alignment system, etc (if you come from DF, I know you want to know about that hehe) -->

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    thanks bro, I'm too used to ignoring stickied threads in other forums obviously.

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