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    Exclamation Do items degrade?

    Some say yes, some say no. If not, why not? In a game entirely about crafting, having items wear out would be a great thing for the player market and economy later in the game especially when items are mass produced and are sitting around waiting to be used. I'm not too fond of the idea of an axe lasting forever, because as you know, nothing does and it would stop items simply stockpiling and sitting around doing nothing.

    Supply and demand would be a much better and interesting thing with item degradation. I always liked this feature in Dark Age of Camelot and it's rarely seen, it keeps the market busy.

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    Degradation is something that will be present ingame, hence the durability status being added in the recent update.

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    Im confused at the intention of this poll. The question is "Do items degrade?". Answer, no, right now, at this time, items do not degrade. Will they? Yes. Why did everyone vote yes when it hasnt been implemented yet?

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    The thread was made under the assumption there was no item decay. The poll asks if there should be item decay. Although I've heard item decay has been turned off, if this is true, I'm very delighted.

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    Ah. I notice now that the thread title and poll question are actually vaguely different. Yes, there should be item decay, I believe it wasnt put in for testing purpose and because we didnt have a way to determine our items quality. I would like to turn in my NO vote for a YES vote.

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