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    Forsaken Tribe arises

    Forsaken is new tribe entering Xsyon; Some of the people that come from Mortal Online might already know us and they will tell you that we are one of the few true neutral entities you will find in game. We are true to our word and threat our friends and enemies with the same respect.


    Forsaken has many goals across a wide spectrum. Our primary goal is to have fun as a tribe, and enjoy the game. However we do have some more focused goals, those being:

    Found a tribe city

    * We look to claim a small area as our own, and share it with like-minded friends.
    * We will welcome friendly players into the area for trade, and strive to become a small trading hub and location for RP.
    * We will work to provide security for our tribe members and friends in our region, and to travelers who are seeking refuge from the dangerous world outside our walls.

    Establish a trading outposts in friendly/neutral towns

    * Obtain permission from owners of player cities and towns to establish outposts or houses; a neutral location where all are welcomed and role play is encouraged.
    * Our outpost will be used as "safe" meeting spots, RP resources, and places to look for adventurers to take up a quest for you!
    * They may also sell some supplies and equipment, stocked by Forsaken or the host (town/city owner)

    Collect wealth and knowledge

    * Like most adventurers in tales, most of us strive to amass wealth from our adventures, or knowledge. Some of us may even desire power, as there is almost no limit to the alignment of our members, a lawful-good player is just as welcomed as a neutral evil. (chaotic-evil random PKers might not find themselves quite so welcomed)
    * We look to become renown for the skill of our crafters, and sought out when players desire quality goods at fair prices.
    * We will support our members ambitions and goals in these and all other endeavors as we are able.

    Build a reputation

    * While we do not focus solely on combat, nor crafting, we still look to become well known for our skills.
    * We will do our best to make sure that on the battlefield, our name sparks both fear and respect.
    * Off the battlefield, we want to be known as the guild that is capable of anything. A jack of all trades. Some members may be a mercenary, a hitman, or a thief, while others may be strictly a crafter or merchant. We want our members to be recognized as individuals, yet revered because of their membership within a reputable guild.
    * Respect... simple. We want to earn respect from other tribes and all players in the game. Whether in the field of combat or not. We will behave in a manner that is not childish or annoying. We know that no one tribe can be the best at everything, but we expect to be well respected for our efforts.
    * Strive to attain and maintain true neutral status with all willing tribes, political bodies, and other bodies, and to provide fair and equal services and goods at equal prices, adjusted according to local markets, supply and demand, and any applicable discounts. (which are also offered equally.)

    Have fun

    * We can't stress this one enough. As stated above, our primary goal is to have fun. Whether as a part of a small group within the tribe, a member run "house" of our tribe structure, or as a large group of the entire guild body, we desire to help players enjoy their time in Xsyon and add to the immersion of the world. Regardless of individual goals, this goal will always remain at our core.

    Se you in game friends or fiends !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Koll View Post
    Forsaken is new tribe entering Xsyon.
    Se you in game friends or fiends !
    I might be interested to join you if you're looking for new members. Your goals aren't that far away from my own it seems.

    I posted about my plan for a tribe a few days ago but very few people read the post (and none replied), thus I'd better shelve the idea and join a tribe. Here's the link to my post so that you can decide whether you'd want me.

    I have a spot now way up in the mountains off the beaten path if you're interested. Plenty of space, running water, 3 scrapheaps, no close neighbours.

    By the way, I do not use any voice comms because I think they're bad for immersion, thus if your tribe demands voice comms I'd be off. Please contact me here or in-game (character name is Vito) if you're interested.

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    Good to see Forsaken are settling in Xsyon.

    I resided in their area in MO for a long time, and they're a mature, friendly and helpful bunch. Also, they had some of the best crafters in the game.

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    Nice to see Forsaken here!

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    Thanks guys ! Looking foward to play with you all !

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    If we can be a half as good as the MO-Division of Forsaken then we are going to be great.

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    Aye; I think there are many good tribes here that have the same trading-crafting orientation we have

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    got any axes Koll? nice to see you here!

    (yes this is Gawain)

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    Welcome back Gawain !

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    What up Koll

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