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    Looking for a mature dedicated tribe!

    Just bought the game recently after following it for months. I'm looking for a hardcore mature group to share the experience with. Hit me up if you're the right group for me.
    A few things about me.

    I am from the United States. I'm about 22, and I have played....way too many games. I used to play Star Wars Galaxies, WoW, Guild Wars, and numerous others. I am looking forward to doing Architectural duties in Xsyon. I was a old salty Master Architect in Star Wars Galaxies, and I loved it. I'm willing to play quite a bit, as long as the group is fun and mature. I can get on either Teamspeak or Vent, and I'm a very active user. (sexaholic)


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    If you are looking for a neutral tribe:

    191st Expeditionary Battalion

    The Wolverines are a chapter of the Guild the Silver Sun Republic. You can find information at this link:

    You can also check us out at to get more info and apply for the unit.

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    Hey Win. Check out the Audacian Republic. We are a light to medium RP tribe with Roman influence, and will be building a fortification as the Romans would have. Without a lot of info from you, its hard to say if we are for you, but feel free to click on my sig and check out our webpage for more info. Drop me a line if you have more questions.

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