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    Death system Good vs Evil

    I have recently discovered a huge flaw/imbalance in the pvp system in regards to good vs evil.
    When a evil player dies, he will go into ghost mode for around 30secs, after that a respawn button will appear and it will send you back to your tribe totem,homestead or spawn location.
    Now if a good player dies he to will go into ghost mode for the same amount of time. Now here comes the difference after the timer runs out he can choose to spawn where ever he pleases...
    Meaning that if a fight occurs between a good player and a evil player, the good player will always win. Even if the evil player wins the initial fight the good player can just ressurect behind and kill the evil player who now has low health and energy, whereas the good player has full energy and health.
    Now some people say the evil player can just run away but think again.
    A Ghost has infinite energy and can see other players just as easily as if he was alive meaning it is next to impossible for a evil player to escape from the good player. Even if the good player doesnt succede killing the evil in the first respawn he can just keep doing it untill either he kills the evil or he logs out.

    Something has to be done about this system or I see a lot of players quitting or not even joining up on this game myself included.
    A change for example could be to send good players back to their totem aswell or make ghosts unable to see other players.
    Another suggestion would be to slow the ghosts down so they cant stalk players and/or when they spawn leave them with no energy meaning they have to rest before doing anything and low health as well.
    Please fix this asap.

    Love, Odie

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    Death should have more consequences than it currently has. Possible solutions would be a 5 minute timer to resurrect resurrect with low health/energy and a 10 minute debuff. maybe you would always resurrect at your tribe totem.

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    A minor flaw in your thinking is that the evil player did not loot the good player of all his weapons tools and cloths.. also you do not spaw whit full health but about 50%
    The evil player by that time has full health again.

    Personally I would increase the timer a little up to one min or so, this might not seem much but running ahead of one player for 60 sec is a fair distance.
    unarmed combat is working but knives do more damage so who ever wins and has the weapons will in 99% of the cases either run and be happy or win again and be happy.

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    I am a 'good' character and when I was killed the other day, I spawned with only half health I'm certain, not sure of the stamina bar. Did they change this within the last couple days?

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    I really like the idea that player ghosts (good and evil) cannot see living players. Eliminate the ghost “spies” real time reporting via third party voice communications (vent, team speak, etc.).

    It’s kind of tough to use tactics that require an eliminate of surprise when a supernatural being is providing observational updates.

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    Good -
    1min ressurect time
    20% hp / 10% Ernegy
    Possible Ressurect in Ghost Location or Totem

    Neutral -
    1min ressurect time
    40% hp / 10% Ernegy
    Possible ressurect about 100m radius dead corpse or Totem

    Evil -
    1:30min ressurect time
    100% hp / 100% Energy
    Ressurect only totem

    Maybe i think more deeper aligment system and post more later
    For now i need finish reputation

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    Everyone should respawn at a totem (or nearest starter area if not connected to a totem). Respawning at the spot of death is highly exploitable in many ways. Also, "Good" players need accountability, just as "Evil" players do.

    Quote Originally Posted by Xsyon View Post
    There's been a bit of arguing here, but it really sounds like you're all on the same page to me.

    The system will be revised after I patch out the tribe rank system and I think JCatano outlined it best. I'm convinced, there will be no respawn at your body. There will definitely be no forced 'ghost runs', but I'll let you stand and suffer a ghost for a minute while you watch your enemies loot you. :P

    I like Jadzia's idea about being able to bind at ally tribes. I think solo players should be able to bind at friendly tribes. I'll consider the bind slots for a few items. I just need to think about how to implement and display that properly.

    I agree with keeping it simple.

    Thanks to everyone for all the input. This is exactly what I'm looking for with Xsyon, making the game you all want to play without compromising the game that I want to play.
    That's the last thing I heard about it.

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    I agree Everyone Should Respawn at the Totem (Also leaving a bag on the ground from where they died.)

    I agree this need's changed horribly.

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    I totally agree. The current death system is out of balance. Whats good for the goose (good) is good for the gander (Evil), or visa versa.

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    How about an "I win" button for evil players that instantly strikes down foes in one hit, automatically transfers loot to a tribe basket, and puts them on a mailing list for a "badass of the millennium" certificate? =P

    I wouldn't turn the evil path into something inconsequential. It probably shouldn't be as bad as it is now with the respawn distance, but let's not go crazy and pretend that good an evil should inherently be on equal footing. Good players are bound by certain rules of engagement while the Evil can basically go on a rampage.

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