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    New player looking for mature/organzied/dedicated

    Hi all,
    I will admit that I am looking for a tribe of somewhat high standards, yet I am new to Xyson, and thusly may not meet said standards myself. My hope is, by being as thorough as possible in this introduction, I might catch the eye of a tribe of like-minded souls who feel my long-term potential to contribute compensates for my initial noobiness.

    Firstly, I like to play MMOs with an attitude of "what makes the guild stronger, benefits everyone in the long run." I am the kind of player willing to do the grunt work to earn a place in the tribe - gathering, transporting, foraging, hunting, grinding base components for large projects, etc. - and I am willing to build my character towards the skills the tribe needs. I think equipment should first go to those who can best use it to contribute to the tribe as a whole, and I have the patience to wait the two weeks or however long it takes until everybody gets some. I prefer to work on the town development aspect of the game more, but am willing to man the walls or ride out into the fray when called upon. My two languages are english and bad-english, and I live in the US (EST timezone), but work nights, so I tend to be on in the morning or late-afternoon weekdays and most anytime on weekends (easily 20+ hours each week).

    Tribe characteristics I am looking for:

    - Dedication - I would like to be amongst others who intend to put in the hours necessary to get results and stick around more than just the first couple weeks. One of my greatest concerns is working to build a nice village, only to have it become a ghost town a month in.

    - Organization - I am fine with however the tribe has decided to set up leadership, just as long as there is a tribe-wide plan to hit the ground running, with sufficient members dedicated to each role needed in order to thrive. Although I have a mental image of a mountain top fortress or an island citadel, my main desire is to be part of a well thought out and executed city which will impress others the first time they see it. I wish to avoid a haphazard collection of tents next to half a wall.

    - Strategy - I would like to be part of a tribe that thinks long term when it comes to alliances, enemies, and trading partners. Good or evil, I am willing to play the role, but I do not wish to be part of a mindless zerg that needlessly starts wars with more enemies than it can handle, nor do I want to be part of a tribe whose response to the first time a visitor says "hi" is "We surrender!" or where every time the call to arms is sounded, half the people happen to go linkdead.

    - Medium to large size - I don't need to be in THE best or THE largest tribe in the game. They don't need to be the ones to accomplish everything first, but I would like to be able to get there eventually. I have played in great small groups of dedicated people in the past, but have sometimes missed out on the really big projects simply because of lack of total manpower.

    I think that sums it all up and I hope there is a group out there that finds me to be a good fit for their tribe.

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    Check out Millux and see if we are a good fit for you. The Xsyon Mercenaries forum can be accessed here

    Cya ingame!


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    Good luck!

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    Take a look at the Audacian Republic, links are in my sig. We are a light-medium RP guild with Roman influence. Our main focuses will be PvP, city/empire building, and crafting. We are a mature guild, that recruits people, not for their age, but their level of maturity, which is gauged during a short probationary period. Basically, we dont just recruit anyone and everyone, we are selective to get the right kind of people that suits our guild. If you have any questions, please send me a PM or jump on our forums.

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