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    New rig

    So I am getting 1200 for a tax return, anyone have insight into what I should get? I was looking at the AMD phenom 6x with a 480gtx video card. I think that would cover me for at least a year. Certainly this game will run full out on that no? Any suggestions anyone may have I would love to hear. I already have peripherals covered. Thanks!

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    From what I have seen Xyson isn't that hard on your computer as you can turn up graphics pretty easy without having to own a system from Nasa. I would first see how it runs with your current setup then fill in the gaps where you may be lacking.

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    I just built a new rig because my dual core 2.7ghz was kinda laggy with maxxed out graphics,I spent $750 on newegg and got msi 890fxa-gd65 motherboard,1090t amd six core at 3.2/3.6ghz 8 gigs of mushkin memory ddr3 1600 2 WD sata 6.0 500 gig HD run in raid0,a new mid tower and used old 650 watt PS and ati 4890 1gb card,this game uses 2 cores at about 70% and ram usage is around 20%Can run as many programs as I want now.Big difference from the dual core.

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    Thanks guys. Yeah I think my hang up is my dual core. I think I'll see how it goes but an AMD six core sure sound nice!

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    Wait for the revised 1155 chipset to be released and buy a 2500k. Sandy Bridge trounces AMD 6 cores for just about the same price. Also, look into either a 560, or 580; the 480 is recommended to those looking for supplemental heating in their homes.

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