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Thread: Bit confused

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    Bit confused

    Here is a quote from the news updates thread. So around or after Feb 18th 3:00PM pre-orders can play? Setting up news servers? as in adding more servers to the cluster or is there another reset... thank you..

    "Hello Xsyon Citizens!

    Here are our plans for the next few weeks:

    - I will shut off the game server at Midnight PST on February 17

    - The server will come on with the final wipe at 3:00 PM PST February 18

    - Over the next few weeks we will focus on fixing and improving current game systems and review suggested changes.

    - On March 1st we will reset the creatures with all current creatures in game. Other changes will be patched out over the next few weeks as they become ready.

    - We are in the process of setting up new servers which should be ready by March 1st. A trial server will be added as soon as possible.


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    Prelude is begin to pre orders

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    but is prelude on the 18th or after?

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    Prelude begins Friday Feb. 18th at 3pm PST

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    Trial server pointless, use main servers, it will detract from them being able to see what all the regular players are doing making selling etc etc..

    regarding the creatures for march the 1st well bugger me sideways with a spiked hammer, There goes me taking bonecrafting for 2 weeks early start.

    sad panda...

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    Some clarifications:

    The prelude begins March 1st. More creatures, creature spawning / breeding and decay will start then. The final wipe tomorrow is to get players situated and spread out the launch.

    The new servers will be an updgrade and move to a new location.This move will not require a wipe.

    We will not have free trials on the main server as this will be abused.

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    Thanks for the bit of clarification..

    So would you advise against taking bone craft as a main craft skill right now due to the fact that "IF" we are able to get/find enough of the std craftables regarding bear, dear, racoon, etc etc that soon after completion of those the new items will be needing different animals that wont be around yet..

    It seems like its more a balancing thing where 2 weeks in those with full top end bone armor etc would be at an unfair advantage to those joining on march the 1st and being pwnd by pvp clans on mass..?

    Your thoughts as a dev and anyone elses appreciated here

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    As a bone crafter myself once upon a time, there are some bone armor that require just 'round bones' those can be found on any animal, others might be flat bones, or small bones, again common bones on animals, however, there are some that require for example; Bear Skull or Deer Antlers. Those items obviously can only be found on said animal. So taking bone crafting now is not going to hinder your advancement in the future in my opinion.

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    yeah it was more a "will it hinder me for the last week or so of crafting due to needing anything different not in yet" ..

    but I would be more settled on the matter if the 4 animals we do have till march 1st would have the spawn qty/rate upped till then or something..

    I see hardly any deer at all.. or racoons of late, but did see 4 bears in short space of time...

    If it requires moving from one end of map to the other for the other species that would be long winded

    not that its a major issue but you know few more animal amounts of the types we have appearing be nice..

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