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    Looking for NA tribe.

    I have been a Clan leader of The Sentinels. for a few years.

    Led up to 40 actives on Darkfall for a time. I have been drifting away from the clan as it has chosen to go different gaming routes.

    I am looking for a Strong PVP focused Tribe. Looking to create an EPIC Battle Keep. I dont care about leading but I am willing to help if needed. My main focus is joining a bunch of Mature gents who are dedicated to the game and about Organized PvP. I also prefer a solid Rep so no Goon Squad asshatery.

    PS: Will not join DHV

    And when i Say organized PvP, I mean group leaders with Focus calls. I know the combat is weak right now in Xsyon but I expect it to be EPIC in a few months or more.

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    Check your PMS on the Xsyon forum Beleg

    China....aka Pax

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    As I am familiar with the Goon Squad asshatery you speak of, I can tell you we don't have any. Our core group plays many games together, not just mmo's. If you're looking for a home, visit our link (my sig), jump into teamspeak, and say hi. We have folks in TS 24 hours a day.

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    Take a look at the Audacian Republic, links are in my sig. We are a light-medium RP guild with Roman influence. Our main focuses will be PvP, city/empire building, and crafting. We are a mature guild, that recruits people, not for their age, but their level of maturity, which is gauged during a short probationary period. Basically, we dont just RP anyone and everyone, we are selective to get the right kind of people that suits our guild. If you have any questions, please send me a PM or jump on our forums.

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