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    Buidling my Bridge

    Here ya go:

    By willbonney at 2011-02-17

    By willbonney at 2011-02-17

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    more pics, remember, it's a very "rough" one day "rush" job. Easily improved upon for live:

    By willbonney at 2011-02-17

    Uploaded with

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    How its possible to build such custom things?
    You just lay the logs down like that? or there is some kind of custom recipe or something ?
    here is also similar bridge pictures:

    any idea how to build these?

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    You just have to drop the logs on the ground man.

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    I would have loved to stick around more and help finish it, was getting late though sadly. Looks great though.

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    It's a combination of knowing the systems really well, and willingness to destroy your area while experimenting.

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    Fantastic Guys - I'm sure you guys are inspiring some excellent ideas with these pics. Good job.

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    >:O I thought my little metal town was awesome but I see this and I want to drive my car into a tree because my place looks like a waterworld shithole compared to this. Awesome work though :O The most I could build was metal walls and metal related things, some cloth tents etc. The moat I guess, the defences were built first and then flooded intentionally. The thing about building metal related structures...IT NEEDS ALOT of BOLTS! 40 Bolts per wall to be exact, thats forever and a half. I found though sometimes one gets lucky and scavanges 40+ bolts at a time Otherwise your stuck collecting and sorting. How did you guys get the cloth tarps so quickly? Making cloth tarps is a pain in the friggin bum because they all have to match for it to work.

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    If you look closely, you'll see many of the buildings in that screenshot are grayed out. That means they just placed the "idea" of the structure, wihtout adding the materials or hitting the build button. Allows you to see the possibility of a layout of the structures, without wasting the time of gathering a ton of materials to actually build them, when you know a wipe is coming.

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