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    Congratz the crew...!

    In twelve hours a game that started with...yer lucky to have 2 people on at one time, has now gone to you actually have to kill folk in yer area to keep yer space...
    I dont know if Im the first or even nearest, but I'd like to thank Jook for one of the most popular upcoming sandbox games since Eve....Truely one of the great games that has been created...and im sure we're just at the start!.

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    good post; and yes; congrats to the team.

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    /agree above post

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    Going great, lots of hard work that is done, but undoubtedly more still to come.

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    Yep. I agree 100%, The dev communication with the community is great; The devs are responsive to suggestions; I tend to buy a game, put it aside after a very short time, and repeat the cycle. They have managed to create a game where I will actually stay for a long time to come.

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    Yes congrats. Don't get too giddy keep me playing this game, you have to stay true to the vision you have set for this game, A.K.A your feature list. I'm rooting for you.

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    Absolutely congratulation to everyone involved.

    Bringing a project to its launch day is always an ordeal.

    Keep up the great work!

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    /agree... its a great team

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    If they manage to keep a good ethos and have lots of quick, small updates rather than the Darkfall once per year dump then I think it could be a very successful game

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