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  • Yes, i restart, when the EU Server launch

    19 41.30%
  • No, i will stay on NA, even if their launch an EU Server

    27 58.70%
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Thread: EU Server

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    EU Server

    how many europes are here that restart on the EU-Server, if it launchs ?

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    Third Shift US....most of you are late when I get on but most Islanders pick EU over US...and thats my crew...

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    Xsyon Citizen Ex0dUs101's Avatar
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    Not this again We dont want more than one server!

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    dude we had super lag with just a few people on the main server....we NEED the server

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    No we don't.
    We need the coding for the lag fixed or you need a fecking better connection. Either way there is no problem with the NA server.
    Been playing on it since october as European.

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    Depends on to many variables. Apart from spikes the average delay around 140 is fine about the same I get to EU wow servers so i probably wouldn't move because of ms reasons.

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    i'm sorry, but i can't find a poll about that, just a lot of opinions and discussion.
    I'm just fine with one Server but need to know what the european playerbase will do if its necessary to setup another server.
    For community reasons i prefer one Server regardless of where the server is located.
    If you think about ping and pvp the EU Server will serve better to us.
    But it's not worth thinking about if most europeans choos to stay on NA, even if they could have a better connection with EU.
    Depending on this, we would decide if wey stay on NA or switch to EU, when its necessary launch.

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    Until now I am pretty pleased with the actual latency to the US-Server. But the main reason for moving to a european server would be to fit into the general timezone.
    It's not bad to have some members in tribe from every timezone, so the whole day would be covered, but I want to have primetime on server when I have my personal primetime.

    So I guess I am gonna switch to a europe server if it comes.
    Maybe we get something like a chat transfer? Would be awesome.

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    This is a great poll, actually.
    I am one of the people willing to restart on the EU server.
    Sadly, I'm quite sure US players will vote for no without even reading half of it...
    People in here are too selfish to let us have that EU server with good connection.

    I'd very much like to see the poll for "Would you like there to be only one server if it was located in Germany instead of US or would you have two servers, US and EU?". The results would be quite different, I bet...
    There was a reason for Darkfall to make a US server. Both games combat systems will be very ping dependant and US players will have an edge in any pvp situation when combat is revamped. Jooky said a couple of times that he's looking into Mount&Blade while talking about revamping the combat system. Can you even imagine a player with 30 ping vs a player with 200 ping in a Mount&Blade setting? Fair? No.

    Please let us, European players, play where we like to play. And there are already enough people willing to play there. Moreover, many more will come, hearing that there is a European server up and running.

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    I play from England and will be staying where i am.

    I have met friends and joined a tribe! i cant see me wanting to up sticks and move to another server. Ping has not been too bad to be honest so far so unless it gets unplayable i'm staying.

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