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    Death by old age


    a suggestion that might be considered weird but I thought that maybe we can explore new way to play in this game, different form the usual MMORPGs.

    What if our char dies of old age ?

    We grow fat, we grow thirsty, we grow old and then we finally rest in our little patch of work overlooking our lake and the little tribe we spent all our lifetime to help building.

    But not everything is lost, we pass (some of) our knowledge to our son/daughter, we pass our crafting items, we pass our belonging and assets to them so they can carry on our rebuilding of human civilization .Maybe they cannot use that wonderful epic longsword that we were able to craft/acquire yet, but that will grow their stats and skills to do so.


    What if our char dies after (let's say) 1 year of play time. We need to start anew, maybe trying different things and get a fresh look at the world. Our offspring inherit some of our characteristics (maybe random), and or of course our belongings. This will put a different twist to end game as .. there is no end game. Your char will not ever be uber in everything but you need to start again.

    I know this might not be of the liking of everyone, but i thought it could be a different way to play this game and its content.

    What do you think ?

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    Dislike, reminds me of The Sims and I hated when my character died in there. Besides, that would be a lot of wasted usernames.

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    as funny as this sounds i do like this idea, more longer termed tho, i tend to play games for long periods of times, 1 year you could just be getting into a real groove of your character, 2 years you start to fade off it, with death being an ending factor <in life and possibly IG> it gives meaning to actually living in the game.

    Watching your character get older and knowing your going to die soon, u can create an "inheritance" to be left for your new character <giving you an easier time starting up again> and possibly a tombstone in your tribes Graveyard being a kind of achievement/mourning spot would be great idea...

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    I don't like this idea, but it's one of those things that was, or is, already planned for the game.

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    That was suggested last year, and was tamed a bad idea.

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    I don't like the idea of age death ether. Just when your char really has skills and equipment he dies? not fun.

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    Pretty sure the devs have stated this is already in..but it will take several years even if you start at the maximum age.

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