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    SEXY preorder weapons/tools !

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    I would do dirty things with/to those tools.

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    source ? And lol nice

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    Quote Originally Posted by Niburu View Post
    source ? And lol nice
    Scroll down a bit on the new launcher.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vandali View Post
    Scroll down a bit on the new launcher.
    give me the link to the new launcher please

    *if not andruk is gone*

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    Massacre axe look like a nice thing to carry my evil deeds.

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    Xsyon Citizen Phayz's Avatar
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    and this

    Global chat. (This will be removed or reduced March 1st)

    All Pre-Order players can select a special weapon.
    Special weapons are bound to your character.

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    We cant, its not officaly released yet .. use your mind to solve the "problem"

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    where is the fishing rod

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