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    Teaks (Minor - Significant) Couple of things

    *Note* Not all of these are my idea, this is mostly a compilation thread, if you have any further tweaks you would like added just post it.

    Significant tweaks that need to be fixed/changed:

    *Game freezing when locking your screen
    *Loading screen freezing on loading entities / loading taking over 10 minutes to finish
    *Game freezing on alt-tab
    *Borderless windowed mode
    *Needing to log in twice to select character

    Minor Tweaks:
    *Naming Baskets / homes

    *Continually needing to click tools and materials to craft items, a multiple craft button would be nice

    *Better camera controls (very very clunky atm)

    *Far far too many combination of cloth, either make patchwork cloth a recipe or lower the amount of colors/types

    *Ability to click a name to whisper or a /reply command

    *Emote bar is extremely long and most icons do not really tell you what they do, (tooltip would be nice)

    *Ability to log off to character screen maybe? Would be great to leave the game up without being logged into the world. Will be nice to be able to quickly get back into the game from going afk.

    *Double click to open a container

    *Moving structure projects tend to make you continually right click and click move, as when you click an arrow it will deselect the building.

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    Hihi, the " Significant tweaks " section hold one actual tweak the others are no tweaks but plain known bugs.

    the last minor in your list is also a bug ( moving structures)

    A known wanted big addition to the game would be the Chat interface, font selection, taps instead of / commands and a background option.

    all In all a good idea if you wish to maintain a tweak compilation tread, but as I said above, you will need to remove Bugs from tweaks / balance suggestions. you could also check the tweak forum section and salvage the idea's for your list.

    Good luck on your endeavor to make all our lives more informed

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    Quote Originally Posted by zettoz View Post
    *Better camera controls (very very clunky atm)
    I know the have every camera mode except the one I want.

    i.e. A mix of free and fix, but not like flex. When you turn and then move your character should move in that direction. Also, you should be able to look around you while moving without having to turn your character. Free camera mode does this, but then you can't turn your character via mouse.

    Essentially, the same style as WoW, Rift, etc.

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