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    Europe and pre release date ?

    Hi I am kinda intrested in this game but before I will buy it I was wondering about the servers ? I am from Europe and was wondering if everyone plays on the same servers or do Europeans have to play on US servers ? I was also wondering if I buy the game later today when am I able to play ?

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    Its all one server for now.. Dev team announced they will be looking perhaps introducing eu server but this idea was knocked down in forums pretty hard. Its one world one sandbox Go crazy!

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    Thank you for your fast replay what about the early release isn't that today ?

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  6. 02-19-2011, 08:09 PM

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    Quote Originally Posted by Toughluck View Post
    I have been told by Prophecy's Guild leader Falstaff that you should not be using the Prophecy tag. You left Prophecy in Mortal Online after sending private guild information and the names of all guild members and their alts to the other guilds ingame. You should hook up with the boys you betrayed Prophecy to in this game and use their tag.
    he wasnt kicked out of myrm too?

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