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    New Quahog recruiting!


    We are set to become a trading tribe. We are looking for a few more mature, group oriented, intelligent players to join our tribe. While most of us currently are new to Xsyon, we are from an extended line of MMO's.

    What we are looking for:

    • Basketry
    • Leathercraft

    We will accept other crafters, the listed is just our priority needs.

    • Hunters
    • Mercenaries

    We do require that each tribe member contribute to the whole in the area of speciality that they have chosen, however, we do know and understand that people may have their own personal agenda within the game and do not require you to donate everything of yours to the tribe. You are allowed your own private things!

    We will do our very best to allocate tribal land to each member for your personal building space. We do ask however that you do not terraform any space other than your own.

    We do have ventrilo available, however we do require that you be mature, and thick skinned, as the level of context that goes on in there in generally innappropriate for dinner conversation.

    Please contact Wang or Tryste in-game for more information, or if you are interested in joining our tribe.

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    We're still looking for a few good fighters

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