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Thread: 3 hours to go

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    3 hours to go

    im kinda bored even tho i would have other things to do
    what are you doing?

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    Where do we download the new launcher from???

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    Watching Spartacus

    Quote Originally Posted by Tandarie View Post
    Where do we download the new launcher from???

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    Ah that is dated June 2010 so I thought there was another version. Thanks Niburu, this looks to be the correct launcher. I see now where it was edited today.

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    Well I've already updated my launcher. I'm waiting 45 minutes more until work ends. It's been an odd week, earlier this week work decided that this coming Monday is a holiday and that we could leave early Friday. Not looking a gift horse in the mouth but really kind of weirded out by this as work has never been known to be holiday aware - heck I even worked Xmas weekend two years ago. I'm hoping my luck extends in the game and we get all settled in our perfect spot.

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