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Thread: the launcher

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    Cool the launcher

    hi everyone good luck today finding the spot you want and getting there without dying.anyway is the new launcher available yet? i thought i read somewhere someone saying they had it already!

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    Way to make a new post for no reason

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    I have it and found it in about 5 seconds of looking, which equals to about 3 mouse clicks...including closeing my pr0n pop up.

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    so you took the time to post but couldnt let me know where it is...g thanks!

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    Well lessee. I tried it by signing in on my account. No luck, launcher link is 404. Of course it's not linked in announcements...So where oh where can that launcher link be?

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    Got it in an email. Check your mail that you signed up with.

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    my email link doesnt work or i wouldnt be asking!

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    i did NOT get an e-mail.. I checked junk & everything..

    I just used the one in forums

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