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Thread: Server is up!!

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    Server is up!!

    And nothing is working

    Can't do anything, no scaveging, equipping the fishing pole, not even my chat seems to be working.

    I'm not really surprised tho

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    server keeps crashing... how could they not have upgraded the servers for live? fail tbh (sigh)

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    You know what, any one who says this fails needs to take a look at most mmo launches and tell me this has not happened to even triple A titles.

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    Lets give them a chance guys...remember everyone is trying to log at the same time.
    Cant say it's unusual for a release

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    I can't blame them. 636 users on the FORUM. That's probably 1K+ in game.

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    I don't think they ever got a good stress test of over a thousand people trying to log in at once.

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    The server crashes i can handle .... it was to be expected tbh . What i do find odd is this quote from one of the guides :-

    Quote Originally Posted by GuideMihr View Post

    The lag is our bandwidth limit that will be increased as soon as we move to a new location.
    Now , they new exactly how many pre-ordered the game , yet they don't have sufficient bandwidth to allow lagfree gameplay..............

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    And..... it's still down.

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    i paid $40, if i want to say fail, i say fail. they should have EXPECTED THIS. tired of fail launches.... seriously... they are being cheap not providing decent servers at launch. All I am saying... i have my job, this is theirs... should have expected it and acted accordingly... just wasting our time... but meh... at least i have beer haha.

    at least 6 crashes already

    apparently when someone drops a totem the server crashes instantly....

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    A little lag is acceptable for 1 week. But you cant do anything in game now. I hope this situation will change before next week moving of the company lol

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