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    Game is unplayable atm...

    The lag in game makes it not only impossible to chat at any length but when you click to harvest something, it waits for 5-8mins then finally does it....same with opening bags and loging out.

    Some are saying its all the people chatting...others say some people are using a totem exploit...not sure which it is. Just surprised none of the devs have commented on it yet...

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    I am going to hazard a guess that the devs are a bit busy.

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    Stop spamming chat. It only adds to the problem.

    And, ban Sadus for totem exploit (if real).

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    thx Anan

    also notice the servers saving ability seems to be a bit slow..every time I crash from game my toon gets wiped...even if I logged out.

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    Normal for releases

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    Well, this thread is making me laugh. I'm very glad I didn't take off work early to be there for launch hahahaha.

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    Chat in games causing lag is one of the more ridiculous things someone could think.

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    Here is a video of how to get as many totems as you want! Just beware it might disconnect everyone so only do this if you have a serious need for more.

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    This is the norm, it's all planned you see. It's designed to weed out the whining, impatient folk who have nothing better to do then state the bleeding obvious and claim the launch is a "fail".

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