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    Anyone else losing newb items?

    For example, I've thus far lost my newbie weapon, and an axe that I got for choosing logging. Not kewl.

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    Just lost the "massacre". Poofed into thin air and it was equipped.

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    prob a d/b bug, no problem to reinstate really just have to write a script and then display for those wo the db entry for the items can get a prompt or even a command line choice, in all pretty straightforward

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    Yes my weapon is now gone

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    Same here, lost the "massacre" by trying to move it into my backpack...

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    Twice now i have had it happen .

    First time after a server crash , logged in to a completely Naked character . Reported it / bug reported it then made a new character .

    Decided to log out for a short break , when i logged back in , again , character is Naked , with tools and the Unique Soulbound weapon gone .

    Now i really couldn't care less about the clothes , but i would like the Soulbound weapon returned and this problem with the DB not saving things properly fixed damn fast .

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    Best to just remove any totems placed; delete character and start over

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    Most of us have done that a couple times already now :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rudder View Post
    Best to just remove any totems placed; delete character and start over
    We shouldn't be having to do this if the server was saving data properly .

    I personally am about to try my 3rd reroll in the hope i actually get to keep my equipment this time .

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