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    Calm down & wrong expectations !

    Hey Folks,

    first of all: Calm down and give the Xsyon Team some time to respond, I guess they are all working on the issues at this moment.

    This is a Prelude Launch. Many people already mentioned that it has happend with multiple other MMORPG's in the past exactly the way it happens here now. So why is everybody complaining about it ? Get real, it is a new game and there will be start-up problems as usual, anything else is not realistic, the past CLEARLY told us so.

    Could they have done better ? Yes and I understand some people are pissed off, but does that help you in any way ? By being pissed off you just get a bad mood, nothing else. It won't change anything.

    So lay back, relax and wait for improvements, that's all you can do by now.

    Just my 2 Cents...

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    Thing is, its unclear if you placed a totem. if your tribe is created. thats not really unimportant. and if you log in today after you went to bed and everything is gone and your location is taken..........its not really nice. We placed our totem and it was there for 20 min. It was even there after server crash but our guild was gone and some were unguilded and some in other guilds they never applied to

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    I completely agree Niburu, but let's give the Dev's some time to come up with a solution first, before we start bashing on them without even knowing what's their plan. Maybe they will come up with a good solution suitable for most people.

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