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    Anyone else having this bug...

    When i first made my toon I walked to my tribe location and was able to see the totem . rocks . grass that was all in the area.
    After server crashing i was set back a few zones and everything was fine, but once i entered the area of where our totem was , but I couldnt not see the totem, rocks, grass, or other players. Although i was able to see there lil circle of a shadow where they would be standing. I could see everything and it even was raining but players rocks and the grass are all non visible

    I also could hear everything they are doing and interact with them.
    Also i couldnt see animals and they were camping me lol .

    I tried to change graphics options, I remade the toon and when i came back in I had the same exact problem as before please help or wipe the server may have lots of database errors

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    You should probably place this in the bug section of the forums

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    Looked for it but didnt see it.

    How do i fix this

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    link to bug thread:

    I'll report the post to bring it to their attention.

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