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    Lightbulb We asked for Tooltips, we got it, BUT

    So, iic, Tooltips always ON and cant be binded to SHIFT or ALT etc keys.
    Also it seems that each time you mouse over item, EACH time Tooltips downloads from server? Because with lags we cant see Tooltips.

    My suggestion, to be short:
    1. Make Tooltips bindable to key, like SHIFT or ALT
    2. Download tooltips to player's PC for all inventory he has

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    Still waiting for your experience in tooltips, or even DEV's responce, i tested them many times and still sure that client request server for this data each time you mouseover any ingame item... Of course this logical, because durability may change each time, but maybe will be better to make delay and renew data each 1-5 minutes with whole packet, and save it in cashe? iic, so often server requests may create additional lags...

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    I think it is overkill to have the tool tip list the items creator. It serves no purpose and wastes bandwidth. A simple item name and condition would be fine.
    now if it is a player crafted item I might see someone wanting the recognition.. but a fish caught by coca.. or a leather strap found in the trashpile by coca.. is not needed.

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