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    Change your thoughts

    Like many of you I free'd up my weekend to go at it after launch, but alas the current problems ruined that and it's no longer an option with the crashes, lag and rollbacks. I have to admit I was one of the people raging the most, but after calming down I had a change of thought.

    Instead of blaming the Devs and being angry, let's just accept that we won't play the way we hoped for and start thinking in solutions.
    One solution for example, to make it a bit easier for everyone and make things go faster, is to seed the torrent. I only have 100 kb/s upload, but I'm still doing it because every tiny bit helps. So let's do what we would do ingame: put our hands together, start seeding and hope this will improve the circumstances. Hopefully it will let the Devs breath a little and make the lag and crashes decrease in the course of this weekend.

    Who's with me?!

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    I for one am giving it all i can on the torrent, but it seems the initial seedbox is unreachable ( for me at least ), and if people has downloaded all the data, those people are no longer seeding. Some pieces are still missing in the swarm. Go seed folks

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    I think there's atleast 2 people who have all of it now, the rest of us are mostly stuck at 95.7% atm. Seeding at 1.5->2Mb/s for the rest of the weekend I guess.

    and regarding anger, I havent really bothered - nothing good comes from it anyways and im not surprised of the current situation, these things happen

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