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    Do not start seeding the torrent without backup.

    The hashes in the torrent arent quite right meaning you will lose about a quarter of the data from the files
    you got via the patcher so if you want to help, take copies of the files and start seeding from those.

    Also make sure to keep seeding for awhile when youre complete or we face a situation like the one we have now,
    that is to say the swarm is incomplete and people cannot finish. People should stay seeding after theyre complete for an hour or two atleast when they finish.

    Most newer torrent clients dont lock the files after theyre complete and allow you to use them while seeding (means you could play for example) however i do not know if the client does any changes to the files and how often meaning it could fubar them so at your own risk.

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    Yea, happened to me to. Lost a few files. On other hand, if something didnt go fubar when u completed the download first time, it wont happen afterwards either. Unless, someone releases new .torrent file with different trackers and/or update. Then, there is a chance for it go fubar again.

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