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    People wanting the Client use the Torrent!

    Please use the Torrent to download the Client. We're all helping with seeding and it's way faster as well. The server is having problems with so many people downloading the client, resulting in a 20 second delay ingame (making the game unplayable).

    So it's a win-win for all of us, just use the link below to get the Torrent.

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    Move the client off the host.

    That or just shut the torrent/ftp down.

    What's the point of downloading something you cannot even play.

    It's a simple business decision.

    Personally I think it's something else or else they would have already stopped access to the DL client.

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    Im downloading whit over 600kb from the torrent as we speak! and the main seed is almost done..whoooo!

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    Whoo over 30 seeds now its completed downloading at 1.6mb !

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    Now we just need people to get off the patcher. need than to go to the torrent.

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    Dling to seed, average speed is 700kb/s which afaik is miles faster then the normal patcher at least when I downloaded the game last week I had at best 100kb/s

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    Gonna be seeding along with 100s of other people... Help the community, switch to torrent *Points at you*

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    1/1 Finish upload all files to anothers peers

    Yea complet now

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    been seeding @350ks for a while now

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    I'm seeding as well. People keep using the Torrent! Together we can make it work (I hope, hehe).

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