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    Turn off patcher?

    I mean if its really just people downloading from the patcher thats causing all the lag and not bad network code, just turn off the patcher seeding? Force people to use torrent instead, problem solved?

    Altho I think its the latter, bad coding or worthless server.

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    I really wish they would and there is NO reason not since since its unplayable atm with in on anyway.

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    i agree they should just use the torrent download if that is the real issue. and if it is the server well i understand and will wait it out cause with 2 free months game time and launch not till march 1 it doesnt bother me. i think this game will be great in due time and will continue to support it. although like the op say's if it is not a downloading issue just post the real issue and lets get on with it.

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