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    How's the lag now?

    Has it improved at all or is it still 5 seconds behind?

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    still just as bad as last night for me

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    It's far better than last night for me, but still bad.
    Last night I had a 15 minute delay between actions and animations, just now it was about 1 minute.

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    Personally, there's not much point in logging in to play with the lag as bad as it is right now.

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    didn't server just come down? I was hoping for some sort of fix

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    I had lag of 5-10 mins between initiating an action and it happening. Chat was more like 4-5 mins lag.

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    even the forums seem to be going down

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    Yes, it's time to move on from Host Gator, upgrade the servers and a post quick update with the decision on a possible character wipe.

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    Lag - probably a lot better with news of the wipe most have probably stopped playing all ready!

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