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    Cool New player to the world of XSYON!

    I am new to xsyon just saw it pop up on Though i am new i am not new to mmorpg's i have played all mainstream mmorpgs. I have had no luck finding one like my beloved Star Wars Galaxy. I am 18 ,and currently in college but i have alot of time on my hands so if any tribe is recruiting i am willing to provide my time to help and have fun.

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    welcome to the game, plenty of tribes recruiting. FYI the launch has been postponed a bit so you have time to try the game in "beta" and find a good tribe.

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    Take a look at the Audacian Republic, links are in my sig. We are a light-medium RP guild with Roman influence. Our main focuses will be PvP, city/empire building, and crafting. We are a mature guild, that recruits people, not for their age, but their level of maturity, which is gauged during a short probationary period. Basically, we dont just RP anyone and everyone, we are selective to get the right kind of people that suits our guild. If you have any questions, please send me a PM or jump on our forums.

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    If your from UK our tribe would love to have you drop me a PM and Welcome mate

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    Deathwatch - Neutral Trading Outpost / Mercenaries

    We are about 24 people in total.

    Here you go: We are mainly EU TZ (that said it doesnt mean we aint looking for other TZ, game doesnt stop just because some go to bed).
    We are a established community looking for new members.
    We are trying to establish a neutral trading outpost, at the same time we'll act as mercenaries.

    We Live next to a river and behind a mountain quite abit away from the central areas so its very viable to live of the land at our location
    Images can be found on our website in the forum

    The Mercenary role is something we've taken on in every game we've played so far, with more and less success depending on game mechanics but its something we know and live by.

    The Trade Outpost is to establish a neutral trade area for everyones benefit, and this is something we will control with the help of our mercs.

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    First I'd like to welcome you to the game, it really is looking like a great game. My guild Forsaken was the only large guild in Mortal Online to successfully maintain it's neutral status even in the face of countless wars. We were at the top of our game in Mortal Online and I expect us to do the same in Xsyon.

    If you are looking for a tribe and we match your ideas check us out, we are happy to welcome any newcomers into our ranks.
    You can check us out here for our forum post:
    And here for our forums:

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