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    Crashing video card

    I have a geforce 8800 gts, all the latest drivers installed but the game keeps crashing my card. I have to reboot my computer to try another setting. Is there a setting that should be switched to make the game not crash?

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    I am having a similar problem. The game crashes on me every 10-15mins. I have all settings maxed out. I am using an ATI HD5970 and Windows 7 x64 bit. Tried putting AA at 0 as someone suggested but that didn't solve the problem. Anyone have any ideas how to resolve this issue?

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    It crashes the actual hardware, as in: computer shutdown, blue screen or artifacting?

    Keep in mind that the 8800 is one of those cards near the end of the line. Have you monitored your temps and load during play?

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    I may be wrong but is that one one the cards that had an oem power supply that was not enough?

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    I have the 8800gt alpha dog edition and it runs just fine. The temps don't even go up much. But there are many manufacturers so it could be a faulty card.

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