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    I'm extremely disappointed right now by this claim the best solution is to wipe. Its never the best solution to wipe. What happens when the game launches and after a month the DB starts corrupting... Oops wipe again?

    Right now your just being lazy, and using poor judgement. This was suppose to be a "preorder launch" Yet... your still treating it like a full beta? Its time to face the facts here guys its to late. Your showing us this is how you'll handle it when its live. Its poor form.

    If you guys really cant do anything but wipe, please for the love of god show us the schema your using for your DB so we make it so you only have to dump the tribes and totem data. There is no point characters should be effected by this at all. Its really poor design if thats whats its coming to.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Metsuro View Post
    Right now your just being lazy, and using poor judgement.
    And you're a whiny ass.

    You are not the developer. You do not have access to their server files. You can not see the full extent of the problem. They can. I'm sure they didn't want to wipe again, knowing how disappointed we would be. But if they have to wipe, which they said they would only do if it was required, then that's fine with me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Metsuro View Post
    ... please for the love of god show us the schema your using for your DB so we ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Meanstreak View Post
    and you're a whiny ass.
    No, I spent 24 hours yesterday sitting on my spot to mention it. Im not being whiny, those being for a wipe because they only stuck around for an hour and left are being whining.

    Learn to insult better <3.

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    So your saying instead of a quick wipe we should wait weeks? Or however long it takes to sort all the data out.. Guess that makes since o.o

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    Yes, the 3 people making this game are real lazy. I mean Jooky could just stop time so he can go through the database and fix it so we don't lose what amounts to 2 hours of actual in game progress.

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    I shouldn't even bother responding to this thread. But I did, oh well.

    Grow up.

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    DB isn't corupted, DATA is. There is a difference. DB is tables and refferences between them. There must be something in the code that was saving bad data into db and they are fixing it.

    But at this point it's better to wipe and start over. Lots of tribes lost their lands to other tribes due to server rollback(saving corrupted data). How do you decide which tribe should get that land?

    Sure it easier and probably can be fixed without wipe but is it fair?

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    Sorry Metsuro but you're wrong in this case. Jooky has fully explained what caused the DB problems and fix he is implementing which includes implementing a whole extra save system - no small feat! Laziness indeed!

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    You spent an entire 24 hours? Good job. Maybe you should get some sleep since it seems to be impacting your judgement. My tribe had to find a new spot because of the totem bug. After 9 hours of dealing with the lag while searching for a new spot, we finally found one. You're not alone or unique.

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