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    Can we expect... say 3 months from now? Guns?

    Never mind the state of the game and any issue that is happening at the moment, I'm sure they will all be resolved in a resonable amount of time. I'm wondering, now that I have a little experience with the game, on what we can expect say 3 or more months from now regarding range weapons only, just trying to keep the focus on say one aspect for now.
    Now I've seen recipies, somewhere, for bows so i'm gonna presume that they will eventually make it into the game, but what about guns? I know if i was some post apoc. survivor the first thing I would be trying to get togethor would be some kind of gun powder firing devise. Now I'm not saying let's scavange up an AK-47 out of the nearest junk pile but maybe we could piece togethor, for beginers, some kind of single shot Musket or something. Hell how about a potato gun or a Sling shot even. After all it's 2012 and isn't there like 2 guns per person in the United States? I'm sure the components wouldn't be to hard to find. What do ya guys think?

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    doesnt sound to far fetched to me, only reason i guess we aren't looking for guns is because we don't Remember.

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    It would not be 3 months, the game has a "script" to it and guns would be to adv to fast. (considering we be lucky if we got farming and mining in by then) there will be "as far we know but not a sure fact" Archery style of ranged weapons. Also note that while the game has its base in real live (geographic location and lore) its also very open ended game, the lore says a war happens around 2012 and when we are placed in the world all city's and tech is gone. piles of scrap were some things might be found but other things are completely dematerialized, chanced into raccoons and bears or whatever strange dimension happening you can think of.A magic system is planned whit a focus on Druid's magic. point is , it will take time, specially for guns if they come in the game. Personal I would not might slow reloading one shot weapons(not one shot kill but one bullet per reload) steampunkish type of evolution .. but as said, Time will tell

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    Can we get bows before guns at least?

    I think guns would definitely be sweet - But let's get some bows.

    Edit: Bullets would be rare.

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    This is from the 'Official FAQ List' thread:

    I'm curious as to an ETA for Bows/guns and magic.

    Bows: shortly after launch. Magic will take a while. Guns, I don't have any real plans for this. I know some players saw the guns in our sketches, but those are there only because the artist felt like drawing them in the armor concept sketch.

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    "doesnt sound to far fetched to me, only reason i guess we aren't looking for guns is because we don't Remember. "

    Well my guy was scavenging near an old Future Shop junk pile, and scrounged up an old 22" LCD TV with a built in DVD player, a solar panel, and a Rambo 1st Blood DVD.
    I eventually figured out how to connect all the components, since I didn't have much else to do, and The Tribe and myself watched Rambo!
    We all eventually remembered what a gun was and new we had to have them in order to survive into the future.
    So can we have guns now?

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    While saying "we want guns" is one thing, think of it like this. The premise is to essentially "relearn" how to survive. And yes down the road i can definately see learnign how to make a gun, anywhere within the first year after launch for guns would be a bit crazy. First off, you need to learn how to make gunpowder, then firing mechanisms or a way to safely light said gunpowder, as well as crafting a barrel to fire the projectile out of. If anything, i honestly think that if they do impliment the ability to craft guns into the game down the road, the first while , the guns should have a chance at blowing up in your hands. This would be new technology all over again, lots of trial and error. Give the guns a 50% chance of misfiring or or even doing damage to the user. I can't see in any way, shape, or form that if guns are ever implimented it should be be along the lines of going from no gun, to say a musket that works flawlessly. it should be very rudimentary at first, have to reload after every shot (making them very slow use weapons), movement degrades accuracy (as well muskets and other early firearms were far from accurate shooters due to the bell end as well as the round bullet can't hold a trajectory to save its life), and so on.

    This doesn't even delve into how much machinery etc it would take to make a reliable gun, etc. you need forges, moulds cast etc. Not to mention the volitility of gunpowder in itself. I'd say even making gunpowder would have a chance at "blowing up in your face" so to speak.

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    Quandri speaks the truth as to gunpowder it is not as easy as it seems trust me try making homemade gunpowder to day with all the stuff we have on market you can really make a mess and start a few fires by just adding a little to much of one ingredient, now take what i just said and put that into perspectives of the game era in us no being able to remember how to make it so it's like a guessing game which makes it even more dangerous so to speak,

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    The Dev said Guns are not planned but are a option for the future. And if we see guns they are very rare. tbh i think Guns is something that we will see maybe after 1 year or something like that. It seems he want a meele/archery game with abit druid magic

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