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    The Pit - Arena PvP

    Read my original post in our Recruitment thread for Regulators in Tribal Advertisement section.

    So, when I terraform up my "keep/castle" I end up with a quite sizable hole in the ground. After some thought, and watching Sparticus tonight, figured out what to do with it. My original plan was to flood it, but I've come up with something better.

    I'm going to build a "Pit" for PvP tournaments. At first, just 1v1's, because well, the combat isn't great at the moment, but hopefully it will get better. The best part about a "huge hole" in the ground is, it really forces the player to fight in "First Person" camera mode. You end up really getting more of a feel that you're in a fight.

    As time goes on, I'm also now planning on building a true Arena based off the original Coliseum. I'm working on the "plans" now, and will figure out a spot for it's placement later. It's going to take me quite some time, but eh, we'll deal with the Pit at first.

    So, why am I telling this to the community? Well, first off, to get people interested in it for when we get the Pit set up and start doing Contests/Tournaments on the weekends.

    The second reason being, I'm going to need more dirt. Lots more dirt, lol. So, going to try to get some of the smaller tribes/homestead to sell me some. We can figure out the "value" of the dirt together, and trade using barter. I'm not "above" taking donations as well for folks really interested in seeing the Coliseum built either.

    So yea, I want your dirt. Please give it to me.

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    Xsyon Citizen Phayz's Avatar
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    cool idea ill give ya my dirt or trade ya for a lasher and weaver LOL
    Nice to have people like Willb in the game thinking about the community, so looking forward to the final final wipe so we can get started

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    whats about safezone in your area?

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    Excellent idea!

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    Sounds like a good way to lure some red scum as well.

    Hopefully this ends up being a staple so far as good/neutral events go.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stundorn View Post
    whats about safezone in your area?
    I think its a brilliant idea. In fact I was planning to make a colosseum myself, along with other monuments.

    Currently, you wouldn't be able to hold matches from competing tribes. I do think it would be valuable as a place where tribe members could practice their fighting skills without worrying about their stuff getting bogarted.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stundorn View Post
    whats about safezone in your area?
    the safezone only protects Will and his Regulators, so they can guard the event, obviously they cant participate unless they drop tribe. Contestants will be able to hurt each other on regulator land.

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    Great idea Will. They need to add wine and beer so we can have a real party.

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    Excellent idea, Willbonney.

    I was playing with a similar idea. Too bad our tribes are so close to each other to effectively have two viable coliseums.

    On aside. My prediction of dirt being a commodity for trade is coming around. Huzzah.

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