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    Preorder weapons....

    ...I am a little worried that they will be bad for the early game economy and especially weaponcrafters. I mean who needs to worry for a good long while about losing their weapon? I'll tell you who - nobody. If nobody is worrying about losing their weapon then I wonder who is looking to buy one......again - nobody.

    Some(most) of the early game craftable weapons are not nearly as impressive as these where is the market for an early crafted club for instance, that took 10 hrs to locate a plastic bat mat,.........non-existant. Basket weavers will be trading grass baskets for early market hotcakes, bones....sold! (I'm not hunting no bear) etc etc.....

    poor weaponcrafters....hard enought to grind through the recipes as it is if they all require blades and what not, only to find their trade is useless to traders early in the games life (not my point at all though)...

    I am also concerned that alot of the early game threatening danger feel is gone because of these weapons. I mean I was hiding all my things in a basket and was scared to hunt for fear of losing my knives. I just got a preorder knife and I'll never worry again....
    *whistles while strolling down the loggin trail while looking for bear*
    where as before it was ...
    *nervously peeks around treetrunk and sees road is clear.....quietly and swiftly moves on*

    I know on launch we will see an influx of newbs with no binding, pretty weapons......or after a while the quality of craftables will surpass the preorder items....

    I mean it just seems the economy and weaponcrafters need to start with a leg up.....not a lame one.

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    Well if these weapons degrade with use then people will not want to use them much at all and use shitty starter ones.

    Also I wish these had been lootable as it would people bring them out very rarely.

    I think they should not be soul bound. Soul bound is for WOW and should stay with WOW. Nothing to do with Xyson that kind of shit.

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    Just make sure they degrade, and it will work itself out shortly after launch.

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    It would be nice if the pre-order weapons were just a skin that you could put on other same type items.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ziggy View Post
    It would nice if the pre-order weapons were just a skin that you could put on other same type items.
    This is a very good idea.

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    I mostly look at them as an additional basic tool, since I'd always pick one I wasn't going to start with due to skill choices. Last time I checked, unarmed was unfortunately "better", so you'll likely mostly be selling for cosmetic value, until the combat revamp. I sympathize, though, weaponsmith is usually my chosen skill in games, and I've even given it a go in the real world... but here, I'm either going tools or basketweaving.

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    I really don't see how 1 indestructable weapon would hurt a weaponsmith once the weapons work for their intended purposes. They shouldn't be better quality than craftables above the poor level.They might look nicer, but that should be it. I'm sure the devs know what they're doing.

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    They don't need decay. Everyone will need more then one weapon/tool. If you pick axe skill and select an axe, you get the special plus the one you get with the skill for dual weapons. BUT, the one you get with skill will decay. Plus yu still need knife, shovel, etc.. And this is just for the pre-order people. Everyone after will resupply of all tools.

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    These weapons do two hit kills. They really, really suck for game balance.

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    yeah they do a lot of damage but havent tried now that i have a full set of gear guess ill go try that.

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