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    Is the world too small?

    This is an honest question. The population seems to be larger than I expected and prime real estate at a premium. When I wander around, I notice that those areas have pretty large tribes very close together. It seems to take a little away from the feeling of a post apocalyptic setting. To my mind, towns and villages should be further apart. This would require a bit more travelling for trade purposes, adding a bit more adventure and sense of danger.

    I know that the world is designed to increase the amount of land in the future, but I believe it should be expanded now (If possible).

    I would really like the communities opinion

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    I love the openness, but the land mass does seem fairly small.

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    Maybe it was just the looks of the landrush, but it seems way to small of an area. I think they need to at least double asap.

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    I would have to agree in that it feels too small and could use an increase in size .

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    I dont think the map is too small, I just think the amount of flat, buildable land, is too small.

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    Land is fine for the start, everyone will be focused on their little area of the world in the beginning I don't think you will notice. However, I think some more roam will need to be opened up sooner rather than later to keep a feel of a wilderness out there.

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    Feels fine to me right now, but I am looking forward to it expanding as well.

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    This is my point exactly, it's NOT too small.... it's just we are all in only a few areas.

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    Not every 1-2 Tribe should have place to own a land. Better join some tribe than do your own 1-2 bullshit. The landmass is perfect and it is perfect that we have close neighbours because thats were the game starts , in the interaction between players and i don't want to run around 20 min to find someone.

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