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    The tool maker should be able to make a canteen. Nothing builds up a thirst like running around for hours looking for one animal. You could pop open that canteen and get a drink without having to back track to water.

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    Even better. After filling it and having it in your pack.... Why the need to even select the "drink"option. Wouldn't it be best to stop the micro management. So canteen and food should have trigger points each player can set.

    Eg when you sit to rest and you have a canteen filled and 50% or less thirst bar = auto drink

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    A few other thoughts on this: Drinking, if you choose to do it, should go until it's full, not a tiny amount. I shouldn't have to click up to 10 times to fill my thirst bar!

    Also, it should be more than easy to make a waterskin from leather, or maybe a rare spawn on plastic scavenging could be an old plastic bottle?

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    I agree with leather and plastic this should be a no brainer. I also agree that drinking should be a point and click operation not a point and click 10 times operation.

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    yeah, the ability to carry water is probably already on a very long to-do list. I agree drinking could be less click intensive, but in general, I believe this game should not get too automated, more intuitive yes, but not automatic.

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