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    PvP question....

    I know theres a lot of talk about how PvP is not the main focus of the game, and how you have a safe area by your totem during preclude, but I'm curious what the reprussions are (if any) for those that will just kill folks on site?

    The reason I ask is, in recent days, its become slightly apparent that i "live" next to someone who will just kill for the sake of killing, even trying next to a totem if the mood strikes him. I'm figuring either one, or both of us, is going to be "red" relatively quickly. I'm just wondering if theres any place i can get info on what happens if I kill this guy when he's not "flagged", and such... I looked quickly, but saw very little.

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    There are very few and confusing info about this. I'd suggest you to write a FAQ question, let's hope you get an answer soon

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    I did just that, thank you. ; )

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    I recieved this answer back from Jordi in less than 12 hours, which is really impressive considering the weekend he's probably having...

    "We’re going to set ‘evil’ players to red names and give them more death penalties soon. Good players will be able to attach ‘reds’ without as much repercussion. We need to check on a few things with death to make sure they are working 100% correctly, for example, evil players will teleport to their totems upon death.

    I hope that answers your concerns. We will continue to add balance to the good vs evil as we see how the game evolves."


    Jordi Grau Davis

    Notorious Games

    So its looking very similiar to a UO set up, which is what i was guessing at...

    Thanks for the time Jordi ; )

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    I'm also hoping that going from red to good will not be so easy as to help discourage it.

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