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    My Xsyon Review Part 4 - In the Face of Chrisis

    I copied this over from the forums of I originally posted it there, but I thought I would also re-post it here, to share with the actual Xsyon community.

    Howdy All,

    Some folks have been following me here on, and many others have decided to give the game a chance, and pre-ordered, due to some of my posts. Now, since the pre-launch went as unsuccessful as it did, I think I, as a fellow gamer, owe them an apology. Sure, the whole pre-launch thing did not have anything to do with me, what I did, as I am not an employee of Notorious (though some still believe me to be one). For those that understand the gaming industry, many of us actually involved with it understand what an NDA is, but I honestly have no NDA contract and receive no payment from Notorious or any company involved with them. I am however, a true FanBoi, and have no issue claiming myself as one.

    So what's the point of this whole post? Well, first to say that I'm sorry this game of Xsyon did not have a successful "Pre-Launch." I wish I myself could have done more to ensure it's success, but as a customer, well, we don't get much say in the matter.

    However, I myself am not giving up on Jordi Grau Davis, Notorious, or Xsyon. I believe the choices he's had to make, due to the poor launch of a game he's quite literally put his life into, neither came easy nor do they sit well with his conscious.

    With that in mind, I give him my support, if that means anything. I personally was dissatisfied with the lag, constant rollbacks, and the fiasco that I will now call "Xsyon's Lake Taho Land Grab." Things got too big too fast, and well, I am partially to blame for that. I as a fan of Xsyon, without anyone's consent or authorization, took it upon myself to share my experieces with this great game, and attempt to get it more attention with the "Gaming Community."

    In that, both myself, and SaintBob, succeeded. Many pre-orders rushed in at the last minute, and when the moment came, it was too much too soon, and the servers were not set up to handle it. Now, whether it was Notorious' fault, or their server suppliers, that's not our business as gamers.

    Gamers are a demanding lot, myself included. When we buy a game, we want it to "work as intended." We want no lag, a low ping, and all the Features promissed to us. Now, I personally can understand things do not always go the way you want them to, with the coding of Features, relying on programmers to get it done the way it needs to be (in the eyes of the owners at least), and well, shit happens. Having excuses or something to blame the problems on, well, is all well and good, but well, many of us in the gaming world are getting tired of those excuses.

    I'm not writing this post to Condemn them though, Notorious or Jordi, but more to commend. The customers who pre-ordered were promissed only that with purchase, we would receive 2 months of game time after the "Official Launch." Though, we were also "told" we would receive a "Two Week" headstart. With the initial push back of the sceduled Pre-Launch, and then it's total failure, we all figured we were once again being screwed by a gaming company. It was even announced, that another wipe would need to occur, after their announced "Pre-Launch." Many players took time out of our real lives, sacrficed personal time at work, and truly wanted to be there "first" to play. We were let down.

    But, a little light does show up at the end of the tunnel. With this epic fail, finally a person who gets us gamers. He's decided to basically "if at first you don't succeed, try again." Jordi is planning a new "Final Wipe" once things get better situated with the Server supplier, and also trying to make it so those tribes that weren't trying to "exploit" the lag and bugs, to be able to get their "place" in the game they had claimed. He's also giving us our "2week head start" by pushing back the "Official Launch" 2 more weeks. For those that don't understand, this is a major blow to him. To both his Ego as a programmer, and a businesman (not to mention the company is now out some money). It's why normally, when a game has a similar "Failed Launch," they don't make concessions to their customers. Jordi though seems to understand us a lot better, and is at least trying to give us what we want. In that attempt, you have my respect, and support.

    So, to Jordi Grau Davis, you have my apologies for spreading the word, as well as my gratitude, for the hard decisions you have made.

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    There really wasn't a better way to handle the pre launch being a disaster then to give us our 2 weeks pre-launch still by extending the date of official launch. For myself a pre-launch period is always a big seller for pre ordering to give myself that little bit of footing into the world as to not have to deal with the rest of the people who buy it on the day of the launch.

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    That was a review? Sounded more like stroking yourself off taking credit for last minute pre-orders?

    I agree there were tough decisions made, and I think things were handled as well as they could have been.

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    The devs are my favorite part about this game. Not to take away from the game itself but the communication, and social skills of these devs are worth it, I don't get the I'm a f&*^in dev and a bad ass more then though vibe.

    of course I also enjoy watching the weather roll in. If this game had bigger production values it would be the hottest game ever. but its like 3 dudes, I will pay 3 dudes before a company like blizzard, they put everything in, they want this game as bad as we do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jounce View Post
    That was a review? Sounded more like stroking yourself off taking credit for last minute pre-orders?
    Thats what i was thinking all the way through reading that. Serious "nose-up-bum" action. I personally wouldnt think your responsible for all the last minute pre-orders. Maybe you are, but surely it should be a selfless act for the love of the game, not to try and boost your standing within the comunity and its developers?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jounce View Post
    That was a review? Sounded more like stroking yourself off taking credit for last minute pre-orders?

    I agree there were tough decisions made, and I think things were handled as well as they could have been.

    Nice visual there... As for the title, has been my "title" for a lot of the posts I made on Xsyon, a theme. So, thanks for being a flamer, you're allowed your opinions. I'm allowed mine as well, and well, yes, this is a "Review of my Experience of Xsyon." So, yes, it's a review.

    Troll on Jounce, you don't bother me one bit bud.

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    No word of mouth advertising could have made this game hit the raider at the last minute like it did if the game itself wasn't so different from everything else out there and with such a compelling concept and solid design. Technical issues are going to happen, especially at first, and they're going to be worked out. Yeah, it was a bit severe in this case with the lag, the glitches, and the incoming Second Coming of Wipe, but none of that touches the foundation, which is the game itself, and from everything I've seen, these devs are bending over backwards, leaning sideways, and tying themselves in knots trying to give us something we will enjoy for a long time to come while keeping to the vision behind it, and not only that, they're communicating with us about it.

    In the end, it's the game itself that will keep people coming back and bring more people in, and from what I've seen so far, it's just going to keep growing, and only the community turning really ugly or some unforseeable (possibly sleep-deprivation inspired) future dev insanity will do real damage.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gift View Post
    Chrisis? Crisis.
    eh, never claimed to be an English Major. I'm a hick, with redneck family members. Be lucky I don't always type the way I talk.

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