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Thread: I had an idea.

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    I had an idea.

    So me and a friend were talking about some of the things you can do i ngame, and i had a lightswitch go off in my head.

    Not saying that even on the outside chance it was implimented, that i would expect to see it anytime soon, but i'm just kind of brainstorming here. No matter where you go in a mountainous area, there are bound to be caves here and there. Whether they are mines that have been man made, or naturally occuring ones due to underground rivers erroding the rock etc, so why not have them in Xsyon? We have pick axes we can make, we essentially have the tools to mine, so why not? We could even do stuff along the lines of turning them into homes of sorts.

    Now, yes i realize it sounds a bit "minecrafty", but hear me out. While you are makign your own little cave, you would actually have to transport the rock outside. It wouldn't just be you knocking down rock and poof, its magically gone. No, make it a bit more realistic in that way to have to clear out the rubble from you mining that big ass hole in the mountain. Can come across underground rivers, and possibly even along the lines of ores and other precious stuff like gems. Can use the ores to create alloys which in turn can be used to strengthen or craft more durable tools and weapons. This can also be used as an alternative source for scrap metals from junkpiles that by that point will be possibly depleted or whatnot.

    Caves can then lead to more crafting implimentation in the way of someone that lives in a cave not needing a tent, but still needing other things like beds, etc. So instead of crafting yourself a patchwork tent, you'd craft a patchwork cot.

    Yes i understand that it would require a lot of coding, as well as changing some of the physics in game. The most notable change would be altering the terrin system to not... collapse when digging. hell, you could even impliment the chance when mining or diging into a mountain of a cave in. Make it so we have to brace up the walls and such or else they will loose their stability and slowly cave in on you.

    As i said, iit's just an idea and am curious to see what others may think of it.

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    oh, also realized somethign else. caves are dark, so of course you'd have to get some form of way to light your cave/see while inside it. Simple solution, add a few new craftables. Torches would be the initial mainstay i believe, then you can progress to lanterns and such. You can make a lantern/lamp run on animal fat, so that's another thing that could be added when you hunt animals and such to harvest if you wanted. can set it up so that torches last xTime while the lanterns/lamps consume xOil every two game days or whatnot. So in addition to simply making them and just forgetting about them, you can then turn around and have them "decay" so you have to go along and refil the oil or whatnot now and then. make it hold say X+5 oil to last say... ten game days before it goes through the oil inside so you have to go along and refill it.

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